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In addition to the mentioned industries, there are many other industrial applications in which we have supplied an IR system that solves a dry or heating problem. With all our solutions, quality has been improved and production speed has been increased.

Some examples are:

Heating Bitumen so that the gravel / sand sinks into it and sticks to it.

In the production of cars, these are usually dried in IR tunnels after spraying. Also in car damage companies after repairing (denting out) the paintwork (primer and topcoats) is often dried by means of mobile IR panels. This reduces waiting times considerably. The IR panels can be supplied in two basic versions.

– Hanging on the ceiling:

  These panels are suspended on linear conductors which are mounted on the ceiling. The panels can be moved in all directions and can therefore easily be positioned into the right place.

The advantage is that they do not take up any floor space.

– Mobile IR panels:

  These panels are mobile and with this the spraying can be dried easily due to small damage.