D-8800 промышленные EX-нагреватели для опасных зон


  • Up to 2.5 megawatt per single unit
  • Large reduction maintenance costs
  • Light construction
  • Easy access
  • Economical

The best of both worlds

It is also possible to have ’The best of Both Worlds’. Where the advantages of both -d- and -e can be combined to arrive at the most cost effective, tailormade solution for your industrial heating requirements.


  • heating mineral, heavy and heat transfer oil,
  • fuelgas pre- and afterheating,
  • heating and superheating gases

(nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, carbondioxide, fuelgas, etc.)

  • regenerationheating,
  • defrosting,
  • feed waterheating,
  • evaporating water,
  • glycol seperators,
  • heating other fluids.


Pressure vessels or a combination of vessels form an intergral part of heating units in many appliances. In the shell, explosion proof batteries can be mounted up to 36” outer dimension. Vessels can be designed in accordance with several codes as Stoomwezen ”Rules for pressure vessels”, AD-Merkblätter, British Standard, ASME, PS 5500 etc. and in accordance with the PED directives.

Mostly the heating units are deliverd complete with a total control system.  To ensure complete compability and optimal design, the complete engineering and manufacturing of both heating unit and control system is preferable.

Temperature class

Distance enclosure to heater



50 mm



75 mm



100 mm



150 mm



200 mm



250 mm



ATEX certified:

Ex II 2G Ex de [ia] IIC T6 to T1 Gb (IS circuit)

Ex II 2G Ex de IIC T6 to T1 Gb (non IS circuit)

IEC/EN 60079-0: 2009

Is applicable for heating up liquids and gases.

The material of the standard certified increased safety enclosure is stainless steel.

Standard features of the heater:

  • Up to 36” flange acc. ANSI B 16.5; material carbon steel, high alloy steel, nickel alloy, monel etc.
  • degree of protection of the enclosure: IP 66
  • diameter of heating elements: Ø8.5 mm, Ø10.2 mm, Ø12.7 mm and Ø16 mm or cartridge heating elements Ø12.5 to 31.5 mm.
  • material of elements: high alloy steel, nickel alloy and copper alloy.
  • immersion length up to 3000 mm: see table.
  • retractable heating elements by means of carbon steel or stainless steel compression fittings/bite couplings or cartridge heating elements.
  • baffle plates material: stainless steel.
  • heater battery can be provided with:
  1. Protective and/or control devices: thermostat, thermocouple or pt100.
  2. Temperature transmitters.
  3. Anti-condensation heater.
  4. Certified cable glands

Standard material: brass

  • Maximum supply voltage: 1250 Volt, 3 phase

Ambient temperature: -40°C – +50°C

The maximum allowable energy-dissipation of the tubular heating elements has been based on a maximum Watt-density which is physically depending on the fluid temperature, type of fluid and process condition. The temperature setting of the safety device has to prevent that the maximum temperature shall not exceed the temperature class.

Sinus Jevi designs, engineers and manufactures complete explosion-proof heating units for industrial appliances, according to customers specification.

Type D-8800 Ex de [ia] IIC T6 – T1 Gb

Increased safety enclosure size #A Type Flange 150# Immersion length Maximum
400 x 400 mm D-8800 12″ 1000 mm 30 kW 60 kW
  D-8800 12″ 2000 mm 90 kW 150 kW
  D-8800 12″ 3000 mm 150 kW 250 kW
500 x 500 mm D-8800 16″ 1000 mm 60 kW 150 kW
  D-8800 16″ 2000 mm 180 kW 400 kW
  D-8800 16″ 3000 mm 300 kW 600 kW
600 x 600 mm D-8800 20″ 1000 mm 85 kW 200 kW
  D-8800 20″ 2000 mm 250 kW 500 kW
  D-8800 20″ 3000 mm 420 kW 700 kW
800 x 800 mm D-8800 30″ 1000 mm 200 kW 600 kW
  D-8800 30″ 2000 mm 600 kW 1000 kW
  D-8800 30″ 3000 mm 1000 kW 1500 kW
1000 x 1000 mm D-8800 36″ 1000 mm 300 kW 650 kW
  D-8800 36″ 2000 mm 1000 kW 1900 kW
  D-8800 36″ 3000 mm 1500 kW 2500 kW



Brochure Immersion Heater type D-8800
ATEX certificate D-8800